Hello everybody my name is Carl and I’m going to talk to you today about the qualities of a good lawyer. What do you think when you think about the law? The law to me is that everyone has this set of responsibilities towards one another. You know you can’t just go around doing things that you’re not supposed to do. You have to have ethics. To be able to understand what is the difference between right and wrong. So there’s a lot of legal things that people are charged with when they go into the courtroom. Not everybody understands what exactly they did wrong.

Lawyers Have a Responsibility to Their Community

This happens especially in other countries where they speak different languages. There’s lots of barriers and so there’s a lot of legal implications. So when lawyers take on these clients out there that committing felonies or just minor misdemeanors they need the assistance of a lawyer to help fight these cases in court. It’s really important to be a good role model when you are a lawyer and you have a set of responsibilities to your community and so on and so forth. You need to put biases aside.

Three Qualities that Make a Good Lawyer

So I have three things that I think are good qualities of lawyers. The first one is their willingness to learn new things. I feel like lawyers should be willing to learn new things to get ahead. Being a role model and stuff like that. They also need to keep an open mind to new concepts and ideologies and to enhance productivity and just overall setting the tone and being a mature person which leads me to the next quality: the maturity to learn from failure. The maturity to learn from failure so think first and foremost everyone should be thinking not that all my gosh it failed! Yes use that as a benchmark, but also to prepare yourself moving forward. Momentum to continue to achieve because that’s what we all need. We all need to fail in order to succeed. You just need to know how to fail. It’s kind of funny how it works like that but, third one is have compassion and understanding for others. We’re all human. Let’s do our business. We understand there’s laws in places, but we also need to have compassion for other people and that no matter where you are and and how hard it may seem to be able to see what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes. I feel like we should always have compassion and understanding a least once per day. That’s so we’re all getting along and things are working out and everyone’s getting what they want. We’re all experiencing life and we all want to live life to the fullest.

Lawyers Should Act Professionally and Help Others Who Don’t Know the Law

Those are the three qualities, but then there’s a couple other things I want to briefly talk about. I wanted to say that just some other notes for lawyers. I feel that lawyers should be on time and should dress professionally. They should be focused and they should be humble. They should think internationally and not just inside their culture. The last one is the importance of law so not everybody understands law or why they’re showing up in the courtroom. I’ve seen a lot of people waiting to go to court or just got done with court, whatever the case may be. They didn’t like being inside of court. There’s nothing like it. They felt like no one was there for them and they felt hopeless. I’m happy to be writing about this now but when you’re doing your case and you’re a lawyer and you do good in your case in front of people I would argue that it’s important to reiterate to people to remind them that it is important to have law in a society to prevent complete.

Thank you guys so much for letting me write this. I just wanted to let you know that you are capable of doing amazing things so just keep working away. For generations to come thank you so much for reading and have a great day, give us a call today!