The legal profession is cumbersome and time-consuming to practice, but all the same, I love being a lawyer. Not many professions will demand the time and dedication this profession does both during studies and during the actual practice. The most thrilling part of being a lawyer is being able to help people in their most needy times.

Have the Flexibility to Do Different Jobs

At the risk of sounding money-minded, no other profession really converts time to money like practicing law does. I am not confined to one case or problem at a time so I can reach out to multiple clients without hurting my practice financially. I feel obligated to clarify that I would never sacrifice a case for another based on the monetary aspect of the cases because as earlier stated, the first reason I love being a lawyer is the ability to help people.

There are no words to describe the thrill of dealing with and solving several crises and cases; it compensates for the exhaustion and then some. One could consider the good pay as a soothing balm for the sore burden of putting in more than 50 hours a week and the long and expensive years of study.

Helping People Everyday

The root of every lawyer’s quest is to help the people, in fact, the first reason why anyone would enjoy being a lawyer, is the thrill of winning. It is this thrill that gets a lawyer up early in the morning to strategize and plan a defense or case. A difficult case could be a deterring factor even for one with the greatest will to help. The thought of the joy on the faces of those you represent when the endeavor ends in a win is often enough motivation, although I have to admit, there is personal gratification in the thrill of a win.

Being the Expert on Law Solutions

Being a lawyer sometimes feels like being in possession of infinite wisdom, at least where the law is concerned. Very few people bother to analyze the constitution and other law references and if they do, the technical aspects, procedures, and references to the law are numerous and difficult to expound. This is the reason the study of law never ends and it is also the reason people hire lawyers. This pedestal of knowledge that being a lawyer puts one on is the reason many lawyers, myself included, love being lawyers; it is wonderful to calm a person who thinks that they are hopeless victims of the law and derive a solution from the same law that haunts them.

There are numerous reasons to love being a lawyer ranging from the money and respect to freedom and nobility, but all of them lead to the same conclusion; being a lawyer is a ‘Samaritan‘ practice whose greatest reward is the ability to help others where no one else can or will. In situations where one feels like they are trapped in a dark endless judicial tunnel, I can lead them through using the law as a guiding light. This is why I love being a lawyer.

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