What do you do when you have encountered a personal injury? The power of the Internet has overtaken our lives to a large extent. Anything we have a question about, the first place we visit, is the Internet, to give us the advice that we don’t have to pay a specialist for.

Worst Advice #1

Just DIY. A large number of people get sucked into the false impression that their personal injury claims can be prepared by themselves. They later find that they need some extra help. Asking friends and relatives for a good personal injury lawyer might be a better bet than trying to make personal injury claims by yourself or even looking at the array of personal injury books. It does not matter whether you have been in an automobile accident or that you have fallen down in a supermarket. The right advice for you will not come out of personal injury books or the Internet. At the same time, it is also a good to know what you need to be prepared for, when you are given advice by a personal injury lawyer. In the end, compromising your case is not the answer to your situation.

Worst Advice #2

Keeping Record/A Detailed diary/ notebook that lists out all the happenings of the incident is a great place to start. However, this is not one, which you might want to get caught up with too much. A personal injury lawyer always asks the client to do this first to be able to document everything that has happened. While this sounds like good advice take note that when you file for an insurance claim, they would take one good look at your record and know that you were not in actual distress. If you were in real distress, you would not be able to document everything and every small detail into the diary. So, if you start writing, stop at some point.

Worst Advice #3

Witnesses and Recordings. Having a witness present when your medical examination is happening is not a good idea. This can work against you, as they are required to stay outside while the examination is being conducted. Keep your witnesses close but not with you at all times. This advice is one of the most popular ones gives by friends and family and is also one that you should not follow at all. Please remember that you cannot record any conversation without the consent of the other party as the law prohibits it. Therefore, stay away from recording devices when dealing with insurance companies and the medical examination panels.

Worst Advice #4

Wait Till Later. This is by far the worst advice there is. If you have been advised to wait till you have recovered to start your claim or to wait for as long as possible before returning to work, you are wrong. You do not have to wait when it comes to legal claims for personal injury. Personal injury claims can go on for a long time and that means even years. Getting started on filing your claim is very important to get compensation. Waiting puts you at risk of passing the time stipulated for compensation. So it is essential to act fast.

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