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Business Owners and Developers

The staff and members of ownership consist of Business Owners and Business Developers, from a wide array of business backgrounds. The staff at The Legal Eagles have a combined 60+ years of owning and operating successful businesses. These individuals know how hard it is to start a new business; you’re either starting with a limited budget and need as much in capital as possible and, you don’t know what to do or what the process is. We have consultants who have experience in developing and operating Automotive Shops, Dealerships, Product Manufacturing and Distribution, Product importation and exportation, Legal Development Firms, Restaurants, Catering Businesses, Bars, Alcohol Importation & Distribution and the development of Nonprofits and so much more. With a combination of 60+ years under our belt, we are here to make the process easy and pain free.

Business Consultants

Our staff of Business Consultants know how to redevelop your business. If you need the help with restructuring departments, scaling back costs, reorganizing your employees, making effective choices and reviewing your books for full financial and development analysis, our Business Consultants know exactly how to help. Our Consultants have Degrees in Business Managements and Risk Analysis, Masters Degrees in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, and so much more.

Paralegals & Legal Document Assistants

Our staff of trained and experienced Independent Paralegals and LDA’s have the education and experience to assist in any document type you require prepared. The legal research training that our paralegals have received allow for even the minutest of details to be added to any needed filings or document review to be preformed. Lawyers have exuberant fees, though our paralegals can not provide you with legal advice they are more then competent to draft legal forms, prepare briefs for independent representation, and prepare small claims and immigration documents. Our staff of paralegals and LDA’s have educational backgrounds of Paralegal Certification, Pre-Law students, Law Students, JD’s, and Professional Legal Assistants.

Unlawful Detainer Assistants

During hard times people face situations where they can’t afford their rent, or the landlord just isn’t doing what needs to be done. If you are fighting an eviction, or need to supply an answer for an unlawful detainer claim we are here to help. We know the laws that protect you as a tenant and we know exactly how to respond with the correct filings. Our staff of Unlawful Detainer Assistants know exactly how to help. With countless forms filed and clients happy with our filings, our UDA’s (Unlawful Detainer Assistant’s) can assist you with the correct response to your Eviction case.

Immigration Assistants

Lawyers charge exuberant fees to prepare and file immigration documents. It is a struggle to live, work and follow the proper steps to get a permanent residency in the United States of America while paying thousands of dollars to lawyers. Our Immigration Assistants are trained and experienced in this process, and have the knowhow to make the process easy for you too. Though they are not attorneys they do have immigration attorneys at their disposal to reference any questions or needed information to consult the matter at hand. Give our immigration Assistants a call and see how well they can get your immigration needs met.

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